engineering recruitment

S.O.S supply from Building and Commercial to Civil Facilities, Nuclear
and Power engineers. Globally, we have a register of 5000 + market
leading CV’s developed over a 10 year period. We have supplied everything
from land and sea oil rigs – Building Commercial Retail Mix Use
Developments in UAE, USA.

S.O.S given the opportunity to work together, which we would very much
like to, would demonstrate our unique way of recruiting, each member of
staff based nationally has to detail their fee income potential in Excel.
Directors of large corporations prefer this approach. This also means they
demonstrate the specialist services they can bring, their commercial
awareness and which running contacts are coming with them.

We recently tripled the turnover of a business by using our introduction.

We specialise in the supply of fee income statements showing the individuals
possibilities in revenue,clearly up front, and career development statements.
This will help when selecting a CV and answer many interview questions
before a meeting, saving every one time.

We also supply Senior to Associate/Director and Global MD level UK and
International candidates who may wish to travel. Others remain UK based who
bring with them running work and contacts from the best names in Engineering
and Practice.

We specialise in Engineering discipline but more essentially Quantity Surveying,
Quantities RICS/PM/EA/CDM/BREEAM/LLB/Arb and Architecture the list of types
of Engineers is endless.